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Tubby Todd Executive Offices

We recently completed this project—from inception to “Tub Hub”—for the popular, playful bath care brand, Tubby Todd. The industrial office was renovated to tell the brand story within its new retail space and headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. The Tubby Team puts a big emphasis on their community, so we wanted to create a space where parents could casually shop with their kids in tow. The office is an open, interactive, and inviting place that allows collaboration as well as private offices. White walls and black accents mimic their packaging, black metal “refill drums” in the office’s entry create an interactive brand experience where customers can refill their empty product bottles, and glass bubble pendants are a sophisticated nod to their flagship product, bubble bath.

A large conference room was a must, and we incorporated various seating areas for small breakout meetings, as well as two “quiet rooms” where employees can go to make phone calls. The Tubby Team is growing so we configured the furniture to accommodate future employees as well as a large communal table for work-from-home employees to pop in and use. The desks are sit-to-stand which is quickly becoming the norm for office space, especially for a team that loves to dance. Every detail was considered to ultimately inspire creativity and bring families together.

The bathrooms needed to be special for this soap company, so their first ever bottle design was created into “doodle” wallpaper while the sconces resemble bubbles. The bright contrast of black, white and blue is both clean and fun.


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