The Summit Remodel

The Summit Remodel - Angled View.jpg

The Summit remodel was almost a new build. Our clients were torn on the decision of whether to stay in their home and in the neighborhood they loved, or search for a piece of land to build on. Ultimately they decided that they wanted to stay in their home so the entire floor plan was redesigned. Although the home feels much larger, no square footage was added. All modifications to the floor plan were made using the existing foot print.

Before the remodel, the home was very dark and the kitchen didn’t accommodate their entire family.

Through the use of lighter materials, better lighting and additional windows we were able to make the kitchen feel much larger.

She is from Argentina and he is from Germany. He loves contemporary design and she loves natural elements. They both hate clutter. We designed the kitchen so everything has a place and not many items are left out on the countertop. The barstools are contemporary while the pendants give some warmth to the all white kitchen

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Becky Fuller