The Smile Studio: Exam Room

Smile Studio Hallway.jpg

I’ve never seen a dental office that looks like this, but this is exactly the way a dental office should look.

‘The comments we hear about our new office from our patients have been nothing but positive. “It feels so fresh.” “I feel so calm here.” It’s so clean and bright.” “I could sit here all day.” In out first meeting with Becky we shared with her the overall feel we were going for- a simple, modern and fresh look. She caught our vision exactly and created an end result that we and our patients absolutely love. We love coming to work every day in such an inviting and calming environment.”‘ –Dr. Chad Ellis

The exam rooms at the Smile Studio are now very different than how they started. Originally they were all open and Dr. Ellis wanted private exam rooms to give his patients a more high-end experience. We added one door for Dr. Ellis to enter the room and the other for the hygienist. Since the exam chair takes up quite a bit of room, two doors really help with the flow. The color of the flooring and cabinetry add warmth to the clean white walls.

The three larger exam rooms have amazing views of the mountains. We opted to not install window treatments because the views are so fantastic. This isn’t possible in most offices, but worked in this instance because the office is located on the second floor and faces a large field. The windows are high enough that people on the ground level can’t see into the building from the parking lot. Patients have their privacy. There is also a large awning around the building which provides shade. The sun never shines directly through the windows. This was the perfect scenario for no window treatments!

Smile Studio Exam Room.jpg

The exam rooms at the Smile Studio are now very different than how they started

Smile Studio Hallway.jpg

When we design exam rooms we always include a guest chair. This chair is for a family member or friend of the patient. The white shell chair from Herman Miller was the perfect addition to the space. It adds an element of design and is extremely durable and easy to clean.

The Smile Studio incorporated the latest technology to their exam rooms. The exam chairs are extremely easy to operate and are so comfortable. All key boards are wireless, which keeps the counter-tops free of clutter. Each room has a different piece of modern art which adds interest and a unique touch. Clean, bright and comfortable are all words that describe this space.

Hester Aba