Favorite Baskets By BEX


We at BEX Studios love baskets! They are versatile and add so much depth and texture to the spaces we design. Baskets aren’t just about looks. We use baskets in our studio to organize client projects and office supplies. Our rolls of architectural plans also stay organized in a round basket. We’ve compiled a selection of some of our favorites that can be used in different areas of your home. Whether you’re looking for decoration or something functional, we’ve got you covered!

House By The Sea Kitchen Angle.jpg

One of our favorite ways to use baskets is as planters. Whether big or small, plants look so good in a basket and it’s usually less expensive than purchasing a large pot. Whether your home is coastal, traditional or modern, using a basket for plants is a good fit. Below area a few of our favorite options.

20181129_Allen_WFP_6976 1.jpg

Woven trays or small baskets can add interest and create a place to group decorative items. We especially love to use them on table tops and also on kitchen islands. Using smaller vases and books on top of trays create a polished look. In the kitchen below, we used a woven tray to add color and interest to the large island.


Baskets are great for storage. We love to keep baskets in the family room for extra blankets. Baskets are a great way to store toys in a child’s bedroom. Other great ways to use them is to store books or use them as a laundry hamper. Take a look at some of our favorite storage options below.

House By The Sea Complete Family Room.jpg
Becky Fuller